Quotes of 'Judge '

Cynthia Magnuson :

"We're asking the judge in this case to stop the promoter from promoting their particular scam. We also (are) asking for the liability to be paid back."

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Cynthia Heimel :

"Never judge someone by who he's in love with; judge him by his friends. People fall in love with the most appalling people. Take a cool, appraising glance at his pals."

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Curt Hasler :

"A lot of the guys got better as the season went on, and I think that's the way you have to judge a young staff."

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Craig Ray :

"Without a doubt we have been handed as extreme a challenge of rebuilding on the Gulf Coast as imaginable, ... But Mississippi is a great state with great people, and already we're welcoming golf, gaming and other tourists to the rest of the state. This will help the state and the state in turn will be better equipped to help the Gulf Coast and its residents affected by Katrina the more visitors we host. So the best thing we can and will do is to keep keeping on. We want visitors to come see why Mississippi is a special place and judge for themselves why Mississippi is considered a rising star of the golf-and-gaming world."

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Craig Hedric :

"The decision of competency is not one for a jury to decide, but for a judge to decide."

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Cory Stillman :

"I think preseason is a tough thing to judge teams by, because teams aren't dressing all their top guys. But learning to win under the [NHL's new set of rules and points of emphasis designed to increase offense] is important."

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Cornele Overstreet :

"I still have two employees and a colleague, the judge, who are held hostage. I have other people who came into my office with the idea that they were going to be safe. I'm not leaving until this is resolved."

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Corey Smith :

"Edgar Johnson, unlike Major Parker, has quite an extensive criminal history. The judge did what he thought was just taking into account all of the circumstances (with a lighter sentence)."

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Conrad Smith :

"It's hard to tell. They're talking three or four months but it does depend a lot how it reacts to the pin. It can be a lot shorter but it can be longer than that. It's just something they judge as it goes."

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Connie Slayback :

"We expect the company to react negatively if the judge finds in their favor. What form that takes, we don't know."

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