Quotes of 'Judge '

Eric Hoffer :

"There is a tendency to judge a race, a nation or any distinct group by its least worthy members"

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Emo Philips :

"I was pulled over in Massachusetts for reckless driving. When brought before the judge, I was asked if I knew what the punishment for drunk driving in that state was. I said, "I don't know... reelection to the Senate?""

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Eminem :

"They say music can alter moves and talk to you. Well can it load a gun up for you and cock it too? WIll if it can and the next time you assault a dude, just tell the judge it was my fault...and I'll get sued!"

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Ellis Rubin :

"If the judge gets enough evidence to satisfy the judge's conscience that the crime was committed, then he's a goner. All the judge has to get is a feeling that Tate violated probation."

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Ellen DeGeneres :

"We're putting a face on something that a lot of people don't understand, ... And we want to give people some information before they make up their minds and judge us."

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Elizabeth Gaskell :

"How easy it is to judge rightly after one sees what evil comes from judging wrongly!"

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Eliot Spitzer :

"The truth, ... is that Microsoft has been a monopolist found by a federal judge to have undercut innovation and hence competition and consumer welfare."

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Ehud Gelblum :

"It's too early to judge the ramifications, but one thing is certain -- that Chairman [Yasser] Arafat does not control the terrorist activities and they continue, which proves what we have been saying all the time, that the Palestinian Authority is not capable, or [is] unwilling, to take the necessary measures to stop terror, and we have to do it ourselves."

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Ehud Gelblum :

"One should judge the deeds and not the declarations. We have to wait and see if the new Cabinet will, in fact, be sworn in and how it will act, taking into account Arafat's staunch resistance to it and his capacity to undermine any process of reform."

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Ehud Barak :

"I think that the United States can contribute to the process more as a facilitator than as a kind of policeman, judge and arbitrator,"

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