Quotes of 'Judge '

Bud Selig :

"It's exceeded in intensity, in interest, in just every way that you can ---- criteria that you can use to judge something, it has been really successful."

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David Harrell :

"America flaunts her sin in the face of a holy God. Ours is a culture of religious hypocrisy. Ours is a culture in defiance of God's holy law. There is a disbelief in our society that God will ever judge, and certainly there is the utter rejection of the Lord Jesus Christ and his word. Like those who refused to heed the warning to flee the wrath of the hurricane, I fear that millions continue to turn a deaf ear to creatures who beg them to repent, to flee from the wrath to come, the wrath of holy God, an eternal wrath that will utterly eclipse what we saw with Katrina."

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David Goldstein :

"The judge found our issues for appeal to have merit. The man has a perfect history and is not a threat to the community. There's no reason he should be held during his appeal."

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David Gebler :

"If a company comes out and explains why it did what it did and describes its process for addressing the problem, people respect that. You can judge an organization by its first response to criticism."

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David DeWolf :

"Judge Jones thought he could write the definitive opinion that would spare the rest of the country the need to think further about these issues. But our governmental structure provides for a multiplicity of voices, including the United States Congress, state boards of education, and legislatures, whose views are quite different from Judge Jones' about the value of teaching the controversy. To borrow from Mark Twain, the reports of the death of the controversy have been greatly exaggerated."

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David Byers :

"The judge took a good opportunity to review the evidence and listen to the testimony and made the right decision."

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David Bookstaver :

"If they don't like a decision, they say the judge is corrupt. It's not a joke. It's dangerous and unfair. I think that undermines the public's faith in the judiciary."

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David Boies :

"The court heard Judge (Charles) Burton (of the Palm Beach County canvassing board), called by the defendants, testify that they had been able to identify the clear intent of the voters such to add a net 215 votes to Vice President Gore."

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David Bloom :

"You judge things by comparables. They are comparable."

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Chris Heyde :

"We are sitting around anxiously awaiting a decision from the judge. We are obviously disappointed by the USDA's action. The language was clear. But the amendment also was not the ultimate goal. It would have stopped horse slaughter only a short time."

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