Quotes of 'Judge '

Chris Heagarty :

"The only big races that all North Carolinians will have to judge will be our court races. And they should be interesting."

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Chris Heagarty :

"There are judges at all levels who may face a situation where there is a potential conflict of interest, either a situation where an attorney presenting a case before them has given a large sum of money or where the judge, as a candidate, has made statements implying favor or bias for one side of a case over the other. Many judges will remove themselves from a case if a conflict is apparent, but there are no official standards. A conflict that one judge might step aside for, another judge might not see as a problem. Rather than a standard set of guidelines for everyone to use it really is, forgive the pun, a judgment call."

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Chris Foster :

"When you run for SORF, you have to pledge that you won't judge a club's virtue based on their application. Our guidelines are all about being objective."

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Chris Flood :

"It's unfortunate that the judge failed to truly give her the credit she deserved for trying to put a stop to this."

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Chet Culver :

"I would like to announce that I have asked Judge to be my candidate for lieutenant governor."

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Cheryl Smith :

"I don't even judge him on that. Everything else I remember was pleasant. That's not the Kendall I remember. If he needed something, I would give it to him. He's my brother-in-law - he always will be."

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Cheryl Hanna :

"Judge Sessions must by law impose the death penalty now that the jury has recommended it except in a very narrow circumstance where he finds there was some misconduct on the part of the prosecution... extremely, extremely unlikely in this case."

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Cheryl Hanna :

"This is really unprecedented in the history of the federal death penalty for a judge to wait such an extraordinarily long time before holding the sentencing hearing."

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Cherif Bassiouni :

"The new judge, by muzzling Saddam and his people, gives the appearance that this is roughshod justice and he'll turn these guys into martyrs."

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Chemi Shalev :

"Psychologically, in the long term, this could have a very profound impact in the sense that Israelis are grieving for an Arab monarch or identifying with an Arab nation, something that's never happened before. I think, however, in the short term, if we judge it in political terms, it's not going to have much of an effect."

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