Quotes of 'Judge '

Connie Slayback :

"Both sides have recognized there will be negotiations in the future, but both sides appear to be taking their chances with the judge."

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Connie Slayback :

"We know that we will have to make sacrifices but we're hoping the bankruptcy judge will perceive what a disproportionate sacrifice Delta is trying to wring from this group of working women -- most of them mothers who help support families."

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Colin Winchester :

"As a judge he needs to comply with the law. His life both professionally and personally needs to be above board in all respects."

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Claudio Reyna :

"Saturday was 90 minutes when people would judge whether we were the real deal, ... I think we are. There is no doubt we have taken another big step as a team."

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Claudio Reyna :

"Saturday was 90 minutes when people would judge whether we were the real deal,"

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Clark Wolf :

"It will be very powerful if it measures restaurants according to dining standards here, and doesn't just judge the wall sconces."

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Cindy Morgan :

"When I heard the judge say 120 years, I thought he would never get out."

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Chuck Wolfe :

"The secretary is making no statements of any kind about Thoroughbred. Because she will be sitting, in effect, as a judge in this case, she is not discussing it with others. Nor is she reading the expressions of opinion that several people have sent to the cabinet since release of the hearing officer's recommendation. But it is her intention to make an objective ruling."

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Chuck Rosenberg :

"This is an ordinary tool as used throughout the country but always in adherence to the Constitution and always -- and this is so important -- always with the oversight of a federal judge who has to determine that ... probable cause exists in the first place,"

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Chuck Prochaska :

"We did it just to inform our readers, not as a publicity stunt. If it is making news, people have a right to look at it and judge it."

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