Quotes of 'Judge '

Claude Julien :

"You can't judge a goaltender by one bad goal,"

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Clarence Thomas :

"[T]he job of a judge is to figure out what the law says, not what he wants it to say. There is a difference between the role of a judge and that of a policy maker.... Judging requires a certain impartiality."

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Cindy Cohn :

"We think this information should be public. But we thought the appropriate thing to do was to present the issue to the judge and let the judge make the call."

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Chuck Schumer :

"This nomination certainly raises the stakes in making sure that the American people and the Senate know Judge Roberts' views fully before he assumes perhaps the second most powerful position in the Unites States."

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Christopher Brown :

"I think the judge followed the law. I know it hurt Mr. Parker, but the judge did what was fair."

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Christiane Amanpour :

"It transpired that Saddam Hussein was attempting to make some kind of speech or have some kind of discussion with the judge outside of what the judge had directly asked him,"

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Chris Webber :

"I'm very pleased Judge Edmunds gave me the opportunity to work with the children of Detroit."

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Chris Scelfo :

"Wins and losses right now are important, but in reality it's the least of my concerns. My concern is to make sure than we give hope to anyone watching us. I am not going to judge this season on wins and losses."

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Chris Rock :

"Have you been watching American Idol? They have Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul judgin' the singin. Paula Abdul?! Gettin' Paula Abdul to judge a singin' contest is like gettin' Christopher Reeve to judge a dance contest!"

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Euripides :

"Judge a tree from its fruit, not from its leaves"

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