Quotes of 'Judge '

Yemane Gebremeskel :

"Meles is not the judge in this case."

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Yale Galanter :

"[The judge] basically denied us our right to a jury trial. This was a decision made by a judge in chambers. They said he did it; we say he didn't. A jury should be able to make that decision"

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Zizi Kodwa :

"If we believe there has been a miscarriage of justice in the handing down of judgment by any judge, whether he/she is black or white, we will raise our objections strongly because justice must be seen to be done."

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Zeno :

"I am not simple, judge"

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Zacarias Moussaoui :

"I don't know in his office how can he judge my competence. He's got some divine ability?"

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Zac Folk :

"But if it makes someone feel better on the inside because they look better on the outside, go for it. It's not for me to judge."

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