Quotes of 'Christmas'

Cyril Wecht :

"A football helmet gives you an awful lot of protection, ... but you don't have to be a doctor or an engineer or even a football player to realize that the helmet does not block out all the measured force produced when some 300-pound player with a hand the size of a Christmas ham whacks you in the head dozens of times a game, season after season."

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Craig Scott :

"I want to get it done before Christmas."

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Craig Schwall :

"There was not a nicer, friendlier person. He (Barnes) would hold a Christmas party put on by him and his staff that everyone in the courthouse would go to."

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Craig Reavis :

"It makes you feel good to have someone stop by. A lot of these guys don't get visitors. Some don't get much for Christmas. We just want to thank them for their service."

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Courtney Neil :

"Having a new coach was hard adjusting to at the beginning. But after Christmas, we've jelled a lot more. We started playing together more as a team. We started to get used to what the coach's style was compared to the other years."

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Corky Card :

"All the people were gunning for them, and they went through a good tournament at Christmas."

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Corey MacDonald :

"We ran into a bit of injury trouble at the beginning, the first half, and we kind of struggled to make it to Christmas. But we knew coming back from Christmas break that we'd have a stronger team and we'd have a couple of guys coming in that would help our lineup."

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Connie West :

"Before Christmas our timing was kind of off and we couldn't get it down. Today we executed well, we took some good shots and didn't miss very many."

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Connie Allen :

"Christmas on a Train."

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Conjestina Achieng' :

"I enjoyed the Christmas break but now I've got down to serious business. There will be no stopping until April 1 when I'll be sure Reiss will have handed the WBC belt to me."

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