Quotes of 'Survival'

Cyril Voiron :

"Alone in the Dark is returning to the format that launched survival gaming - the PC - and after nearly a decade and a half of ever-accelerating technological progress, the title will again take the lead on next generation console with the Xbox 360, and on PC."

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Craig Cochran :

"The irony is that this inward orientation doesn't ensure survival. In fact, it guarantees the opposite -- irrelevance, obsolescence and death."

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Corrie Brown :

"I saw the human-animal bond in another way. It's a survival and a sustenance kind of bond - and that bond is going to be disrupted by bird flu."

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Conceicao Pinhao :

"The recipe for survival is quality. Those in the low-quality, high-quantity bracket are the ones closing down."

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Clint Christopher :

"She's got a deletion of a certain strand of DNA that produces survival motor neurons. Because she doesn't have that, she basically loses the connection from her nerves to her muscles and the muscles (then) atrophy."

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Clarence Rodriguez :

"I was built for this. I got those survival instincts. I'm like Robinson Crusoe, a neighborhood MacGyver."

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Cindy Salerno :

"It's been six months. That's a long time to be in survival mode. It's nice to have Mardi Gras, to remind us we're normal people."

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Christopher Rosenberry :

"Previous research and an independent scientific review have confirmed our harvest estimates are valid. However, survival outside of hunting seasons and the factors affecting it are not well known in Pennsylvania deer."

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Christopher Lasch :

"We do not need to minimize the poverty of the ghetto or the suffering inflicted by whites on blacks in order to see that the increasingly dangerous and unpredictable conditions of middle-class life have given rise to similar strategies for survival."

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Chris Warner :

"PG&E has been paying out tremendous amounts of dollars for power costs to out of state generators and we have undercollected over seven -- nearly seven -- billion dollars compared to what our ratepayers are paying. And for our financial survival, we need simply to be able to finance the costs of that power,"

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