Quotes of 'Play'

Cyril Suk :

"For us it is not a surprise that Jiri is not on our team. We still have a strong team, we play at home. Nevertheless, the Germans are little bit the favorites and it will be difficult for us to beat them."

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Cyntrell Robinson :

"I think so. It varies. Like one game, one person will score high and (opponents) are like (next time) we?re going to concentrate on them. The next game, another person will pull through, so that?s difficult to defend. You don?t know who?s going to come out and play their best game that night."

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Cynthia Zea :

"With the way they set up the tournament, we don't really play to win and advance but for experience in game situations. It's more of a working tournament for us."

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Cynthia Phipps :

"It's been quite awhile since we've beaten them. To have the girls play as well as they did is very exciting."

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Cynthia Brown Hale :

"The teams that the Rose Bowl wanted were the big name schools. Alabama was the third choice behind Duke and Princeton to play Washington."

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Cynthia Brown Hale :

"George Fawcett told Dad to look him up if he ever wanted to be in the movies. Of course, Dad still had the Rose Bowl to play."

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Cyndy Kenyon :

"I think we kind of need to regroup and get back to how we know how to play. Because as far as talent and as far as who's the better team, we're better than they are this year, and so the reason that we're losing games is our own fault."

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Cyndi Valentin :

"Their fans were really tough. It was a tough environment to play in."

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Cyle Hankerd :

"As a team we have to work together and play well. One day we don't throw strikes and another day give them the best opportunities. We just have to work together."

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Cyle Hankerd :

"I'm expecting us to play a lot better than last year, I think we have a better all-around team. Everybody has been itching to get out there."

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