Quotes of 'Risk'

Cyril Beuzit :

"The risk is for the ECB to accelerate the pace of interest- rate hikes. There seems to be very little support for the European bond market."

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Cynthia Payne :

"Numerous studies have found that trans fats raise our risk of heart disease. They can also contribute to an increase in total cholesterol levels and a drop in the healthy HDL cholesterol. These man-made fats are much worse for you than any other natural fat, even the saturated fats found in butter and beef."

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Cynthia Bulik :

"Family studies show that if you have a family member who has an eating disorder, you're between seven and 12 times at greater risk for developing an eating disorder yourself."

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Cuno Uiterwaal :

"If we take pre-menopausal and post-menopausal breast cancer then there was a 40 percent increased risk."

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Crystal Morrell :

"Some patients are not comfortable walking into a plastic surgeon's office and running the risk that someone they know sees them going in."

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Credit Suisse First Boston :

"Investors will in our view naturally be concerned that the risk of referral has increased."

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Craig Weaver :

"With these cuts, the state now has little or no ability to help communities apply the scientific findings in ways that improve safety and reduce risk. It seems inconceivable that, living here in a region of such high geological hazard, we're dismantling the state's program for reducing that hazard."

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Craig T. Vaream :

"Check volumes are declining and the costs associated with processing paper checks are increasing, so we are able to provide financial institutions the new lower cost, lower risk and higher efficiency check processing infrastructure made possible by Check 21. Image Cash Letter helps financial institutions make the deposit process more streamlined and check clearing more cost effective."

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Craig Pennington :

"The expectation for an inventory build is built in across all the product areas with an outside risk of a surprise on heating oil."

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Craig Lang :

"Nothing is to prevent the State from replacing any Motel 6 with a Ritz-Carlton, any home with a shopping center, or any farm with a factory. When the Supreme Court ruled last year that private property could be taken and given to the highest bidder, it put homeowners, farmers and business owners everywhere at risk of being displaced by richer, more profitable enterprises."

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