Quotes of 'Car'

Cynthia Williams :

"I thought it was the garbage that was smelling like that. I didn't know it was a body out there in the car."

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Cynthia Smith :

"He was just doing a good deed, some guys just trying to break into a car and take the rims. And he told them, 'Y'all leave that car alone,' and one of the guys just took a gun and shot my baby in the head three times."

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Cynthia Rowley :

"It's mixing everything. So, it's like, there's maybe like this linen burlap jacket car coat with a little chiffon dress underneath. So it's like mixing really true evening pieces, like little dance dresses, with something that's much more rugged, as a contrast."

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Cynthia Jackson :

"Some women have been told to find an abandoned car to sleep in."

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Curtis Jenkins :

"[Nine months ago, Jenkins, 29, was addicted to crack, a habit formed when he was 18. In February, he was charged with criminal mischief, his second felony arrest. His first, in 2000, for car theft, landed him in jail for a year and a half.] Gone in 60 seconds? That was me, ... I used my skills in a negative way to make money for crack."

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Crystal Candy :

"She yelled [that] her child was in the car. It's not clear if the child was pushed out of the car or got out on his own."

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Craig Trimble :

"I have Art Henderson. He used to be a cop and he?s chasing me in his car and throwing things and he has a gun."

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Craig Roberts :

"We were in coach No. 3. And all I could see is the car in front of us start going like this -- crazy -- and all of a sudden things started flying. Things were just flying all through the air."

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Craig McDonald :

"We're hoping that soon every car that leaves the lot will have security screws on their plates,"

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Craig Jackson :

"The Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach Collector Car Event is the East Coast's premier automotive lifestyle event where anyone can be a player instead of a side line spectator. Sales rose this year by approximately the same amount as our total sales just two years ago. We once again demonstrated the strength of the car collecting hobby."

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