Quotes of 'Jobs'

Cynthia Williams :

"Therapists would have been looking for jobs and putting in their notices."

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Cynthia Morgan :

"U.S. tech workers, ... are increasingly nervous about employers' use of temporary non-U.S. citizens in tech jobs. The most anxiety comes from the most vulnerable."

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Cynthia Lenz :

"We have jobs in garden spots; coastal, mountains, lakes, any recreational area you or your family may desire! You can live where others vacation."

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Cynthia Hinckley :

"One of the criticisms of 'work first' is that it's really good at getting people jobs, but not as successful at getting people out of poverty."

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Cynthia Diaz :

"The last year and a half the bookkeeping was not filed and kept as neat as it should have been. This I have no excuse other than I was working too many jobs and didn't have the time. But during this time I did not take money that did not belong to me either in a paycheck or reimbursement for expenses or supplies purchased."

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Curt Nichols :

"In terms of business growth and economic development - there are really two ways to develop a strong economy - an economy made up of high-wage, high-value jobs that are diverse enough to ensure that the region prospers in any type of economy. One of those ways is to attract new companies or operations to our region. The other way is to focus on helping companies who are already here grow and prosper."

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Curt Johnston :

"I thought we were (friends). Now I'm not so sure. He's got a job to do, and we've got a job to do. We don't need to do each other's jobs."

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Cristina Gonzalez :

"The unemployment rates dropped for the right reason -- because there were fewer workers on the unemployment rolls, not because workers have left the area because of a lack of jobs. That's an indication the economy is strong."

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Cristina Correa :

"Her parents were well-off. They both had good jobs, a nice place. They grabbed everybody and sent them back."

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Cris Carter :

"Now there are certain aspects of football that we all know. They are not your typical, average 9-to-5 jobs, but why do we have to get to the point that we have to accept stuff like this? This behavior is not acceptable. Romanowski is a bad guy. He is a jerk every day of the week, and I hated playing against him."

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