Quotes of 'Public'

Cyrus Vance :

"U.S. Policy toward the establishment of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories is unequivocal and has long been a matter of public record. We consider it to be contrary to international law and an impediment to the successful conclusion of the Middle East peace process."

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Cyrus Vance :

"The statement attributed to Mr. Reiss has been mischaracterized as a threat, ... It was not. The statement was a figure of speech used in a voice mail message in a context of a longstanding business dispute over the merits of a deal to have the stock exchange go public."

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Cynthia Williams :

"It gives them an opportunity to explore all aspects of the medical field so they can make an informed decision. There are visits to hospitals, clinical settings, research labs, public health agencies and medical schools. They find out what goes on with patient care, equipment and technology."

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Cynthia Miller :

"This event was really set up for the writing students at Pitt. The past winners are conducting student workshops that aren't for the public. We wanted to provide wide access to the writers for the students' sake."

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Cynthia Knapp :

"Right now, we're informing the public about the new law with information on our Web site, ads in newspapers and brochures we're handing out at waste disposal sites."

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Cynthia Johnson :

"Basically the plan is to purchase land for resource protection, but also make it available for public recreation,"

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Cynthia Harris :

"They did it out in the public in the school where other kids came around. She (Rakesha) said they were laughing."

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Cynthia Brown :

"It is unconscionable that you could not find a way to open this process up to the public."

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Cynthia Anderson :

"Are they reducing the number of 'Nutcrackers' because people are either canceling subscriptions or not buying single tickets to the 'Nutcracker?' Is this evidence of a stronger public reaction against their decision than they are willing to admit?"

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Cybill Shepherd :

"It's a great story. Even though we may think we know everything, Martha was not particularly a public person. We didn't know much about her personal or private thoughts. It was an opportunity to find some emotion in a different way than what we've seen."

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