Quotes of 'Residents '

Curt Poore :

"My family and I are thrilled about the move to Paris considering most of my wife's family are still residents of the community."

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Crystal Hawkins :

"On Friday night, I was notified by one of my residents that a hurricane was coming. By morning, everyone was crying, asking me what's going on and what to do. Ms. Darby -- the dorm parent who I report to -- asked me to announce that the school was to be evacuated by 4 o'clock."

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Craig Ray :

"We are still assessing the vast impact of Katrina, and there appears to be good news beyond the Coast with no significant structural damage to most of our courses, ... We anticipate that those that have not already opened will do so very soon. The Gulf Coast will take longer to recover, of course, but some of the courses will re-open soon there. Meanwhile, the rest of the state continues to welcome and support visitors and misplaced residents. We've been surprised how strong the golf-and-gaming stay-and-play business has been in the four other regions of the state since Katrina and this is good for the state and its people and businesses."

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Craig Ray :

"Without a doubt we have been handed as extreme a challenge of rebuilding on the Gulf Coast as imaginable, ... But Mississippi is a great state with great people, and already we're welcoming golf, gaming and other tourists to the rest of the state. This will help the state and the state in turn will be better equipped to help the Gulf Coast and its residents affected by Katrina the more visitors we host. So the best thing we can and will do is to keep keeping on. We want visitors to come see why Mississippi is a special place and judge for themselves why Mississippi is considered a rising star of the golf-and-gaming world."

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Craig Cole :

"We've had a lot of interest in Spring Hill based on the phenomenal number of residents moving here. It's explosive out here."

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Craig Brown :

"A good population of elms remains in Langford due to the diligence of the residents in quickly removing the problem trees,"

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Courtney Williams :

"We wanted to do something to help rebuild the city, to contribute something that would help the residents directly. When you give monetary donations, you're not sure if the people who need the help actually get it. This opportunity to rebuild the community physically got us really excited."

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County Administrator Richard Wesch :

"We're trying to line up numerous funding sources so that the fiscal impact on residents is limited."

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Councilwoman Susan Seamans :

"In this particular development, they will add a very nice amenity and an opportunity for the residents to get out and breathe some fresh air."

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Councilwoman Joan Kearns :

"One of the functions the Society has and will develop further this year is educating residents as to the history of the community and the families that founded what was originally called Franklin Township. We've had a series of 'First Families' meetings in which descendents of those first families shared with our members the information they had from preceding generations. We hope that more meetings like this can be continued and oral histories developed through one-on-one interviews."

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