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Czeslaw Milosz :

"The masses in highly industrialized countries like England, the United States, or France are largely de-Christianized. Technology, and the way of life it produces, undermines Christianity far more effectively than do violent measures."

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Czeslaw Milosz :

"Vulgarized knowledge characteristically gives birth to a feeling that everything is understandable and explained. It is like a system of bridges built over chasms. One can travel boldly ahead over these bridges, ignoring the chasms. It is forbidden to look down into them; but that, alas, does not alter the fact that they exist."

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Czeslaw Milosz :

"Human material seems to have one major defect: it does not like to be considered merely as human material. It finds it hard to endure the feeling that it must resign itself to passive acceptance of changes introduced from above."

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Cyrus Reed :

"They're all politically difficult to do. But I think the idea that tax structures should be (based) partly on pollution... it goes across political lines. There are liberals and conservatives that like the idea."

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Cyrus Kar :

"[That morning, the two filmmakers went to find a driver for a quick return trip to Balad. They did not like the looks of the driver they found, Kar said, but the man agreed to charge a bit less than they had paid the day before. Once more, they were stopped at a checkpoint near Balad.] Everything was fine, ... Then they popped the trunk."

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Cyril Tourneur :

"I shine in tears like the sun in April"

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Cyril Connolly :

"There is no fury like a woman searching for a new lover"

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Cyriac Roeding :

"When the next generation of content is developed, we have to think in a totally different way. Think about it more symbolically. The main story that you see on the TV screen is maybe like the living room of a house. But there are various other rooms in this house that you will otherwise never see. But if you use the Internet, you find out what's in the attic. And if you use the cell phone, you find out what's on the first floor. And on another medium, you find out what's in the cellar."

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Cyntrell Robinson :

"I think so. It varies. Like one game, one person will score high and (opponents) are like (next time) we?re going to concentrate on them. The next game, another person will pull through, so that?s difficult to defend. You don?t know who?s going to come out and play their best game that night."

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Cynthia Wilson :

"A lot of it was just going back to the basics of what good teaching looks like."

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