Quotes of 'History '

Czeslaw Milosz :

"The voice of passion is better than the voice of reason. The passionless cannot change history."

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Cynthia Kiebala :

"It's lucky. We're connected to history."

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Cynthia Hinckley :

"I started at the bottom. And that's when Larry Townsend was making history. I was working downstairs, writing (food stamp) contracts for him."

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Curtiss Long :

"The key is judging how fast you should go the first half of the race. All world records now and throughout history at 10,000 meters and above are won off of negative splits. That's where you run slower in the first half than you do in the second half. The real key for the elite runner is to know, 'What is a negative split for me?' and to run them relatively close to even splits so, 'I am in control.' Once you reach a certain level of fatigue, there is no recovering from it in a distance race."

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Curtis Thompson :

"Our average daily temperature (for January) was 15 degrees above normal in Garden City. In terms of long term history, a 30 year average, that's tremendous, that's unbelievable."

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Curtis Painter :

"Looking back at his history, he's a very smart man because he's been in a number of systems and been around for a long time. Just in the short couple weeks that I've been working with him, I've learned a lot."

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Curt Ott :

"We played pretty well last Friday, but we've had to make some adjustments. We know that JDA has some great linebackers and they will be ready for us. If history has taught us anything, it won't be a very high-scoring contest."

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Cullen Sheehan :

"Mark Warner has a history of flip-flopping on taxes. Despite a campaign promise not to raise taxes, while governor of Virginia he supported raising billions of dollars in taxes time and time again."

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Csaba Csere :

"It's time for a turnaround, and Ford's history has been a roller coaster, up and down."

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Creagh O'Connor :

"Trevor has fulfilled one of Australian crickets most important roles in what has been one of the most successful eras in our history."

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