Quotes of 'Atmosphere '

Cynthia Wilson :

"I sense a difference at both schools. There's an atmosphere that learning is the most important thing."

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Cyd Pougiales :

"That was probably the most complicated part of the (job). We had to meet the needs of the staff and its need for safety while fulfilling our goal of providing a nurturing and supportive atmosphere for families."

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Cuttino Mobley :

"We have to capitalize on what we have, with Sam, myself, both of us coming in as veterans. We've been around, been to the playoffs. We have to bring that atmosphere here to these guys."

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Crystal Riley :

"It's a significant (increase) each semester. There are people who just enjoy that classroom atmosphere. ... (But) I think you'll continue to see online classrooms grow."

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Craig Waibel :

"The experience that night was fantastic. I think that's where most of my enthusiasm comes from. It was an amazing atmosphere that they created there. We had the benefit of having the L.A. Galaxy against one of the bigger Mexican teams, so there was a large Hispanic crowd, but the point there is they are passionate about soccer. The fans are there; I know they are there because I've seen it."

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Craig Dahl :

"The atmosphere in here (Friday) was electric. That was my second-favorite game ever."

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Councilman Hal Martin :

"It's wrong for us to allow teenagers in a club atmosphere with adults who are drinking. It's just not a good idea."

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Cory Bogler :

"I was less nervous. There was a little different atmosphere in the new building, and it felt more like a normal tournament. Last year I went out there all stiff and not relaxed, but after being there a year it was not as bad."

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Corinne Marrinan :

"I fell in love with the whole atmosphere. It was like joining the circus and not having to leave home."

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Corey Simon :

"Everybody wants to win and it's going to take everybody in this locker room to get it done. There's no one guy that's going to ever come in and change the atmosphere of the whole team. ... It's never a one-man show out there."

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