Quotes of 'Tie'

Craig Weller :

"We've been trying to catch them for a long time. We got close, then slid back and fell behind Manchester, too. But now we're ready to go and want to tie for first place and keep going the way we've been going to set us up for the playoffs."

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Courtney Harrness :

"As far as pitching goes, it was pretty even. Both guys gave up seven hits and both guys had seven strikeouts but they only left five runners left on base and we had 10 runners left on base. If half of those guys score, it's a tie game and we're right back in it. Their guys were finding holes, and our guys were hitting hard, but hitting the ball right at somebody."

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Corey Schultz :

"They are needing to bring in new line from the east, where there is a hydrant with enough pressure that we can tie into it."

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Connie Wunschel :

"I told the girls I was looking for one run to tie it. I told them to be patient."

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Coleen Rowley :

"Trying to tie this in with terrorism is a little overblown because you can't communicate that kind of information over a non-secured system that goes outside the FBI anyway."

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Coady Haga :

"We put a tie on Sam for the party. He took off that night. He came back three days later wearing a T-shirt. That's how we knew he was going somewhere else and hanging out. We found out he was staying with another group of college kids around the corner."

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Clara Furse :

"It's clear we are trading cheap relative to the other exchanges. It doesn't tie in with our actual performance."

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Clair Rudisill :

"I would say overall we're pleased. We got off to a real rocky start (this season) and we're trying to tie things together, get better every time. And I think they wrestled pretty good (Thursday). I was pretty pleased, but we've got a long way to go."

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Chuck Tursky :

"It was a good move. If we win both of those matches, it's a tie and we win on criteria."

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Christopher Bebel :

"The government would rather buy time and not put itself in a position to move forward on a criminal case but tie up the funds and continue to sift through the evidence."

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