Quotes of 'Literature'

Cyril Connolly :

"While thought exists, words are alive and literature becomes an escape, not from, but into living"

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Craig Werner :

"This anthology in essence has established the canon of African-American literature, and it will continue to do so for at least the next quarter century."

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Courtney Lewis :

"There are so many books, once banned, that are foundations of English literature, so it was very important to gain awareness of this threat to English literature."

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Conrad Davidson :

"It is a significant piece of literature. The lines still ring true. We feel things moving in on us just as Willy did. He had such big dreams, that maybe were unrealistic. It also explores family and children. Willy seems to be trying to teach his boys his view of the world, and maybe a parent's dream shouldn't be the child's."

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Connie Baker :

"We're able to cover history, geography, science, math, literature, phy. ed. and music."

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Concepcion Ehrlich :

"It's a lot to read to keep up. She gives you a lot of literature that you keep and I know that I will be using it a lot."

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Colson Whitehead :

"I don't feel like I have to conform to some idea of what black literature is. I think of my ideas and I try to execute them well."

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Colin Riley :

"We don't allow anyone permission to just come in and drop off literature. You can't just do this willy-nilly."

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Colette Jenson :

"They also learn through songs, rhymes, and lots of literature. We read many books and introduce kids to a variety of subjects and authors."

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Clifton Daniel :

"Christmas morning in Russia a cruel snow-laden wind blowing straight out of the pages of Russian history and literature whipped across roofs and through the frozen streets of Moscow."

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