Quotes of 'Star'

Cynthia Hurtie :

"The whole thing is horrifying. I still pursue it. I go to the media as much as I can. It has affected us a lot. Star's boy is 10 years old now and he does pretty well, but all our family wants to know where Star is. We would like to have a funeral for her."

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Crystal Waters :

"Being a star means nothing if you don't have someone to share it with, someone who's going to be excited with you. I met my partner, Lamont Reese, six months before "Gypsy Woman" became a hit. This is a person I trust. He loved me before all this happened."

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Craig Silver :

"I just like to use the football analogy. I'm the head coach and my job is to direct the team down the field and throughout the game. But Vern and Todd are the star quarterback and the star defensive player. And Tracy is the all-conference player and my directors are the all-conference players. So it's very much a team-oriented thing. But yes, ultimately I'm the guy who has to decide what we cover and when."

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Craig Ray :

"Without a doubt we have been handed as extreme a challenge of rebuilding on the Gulf Coast as imaginable, ... But Mississippi is a great state with great people, and already we're welcoming golf, gaming and other tourists to the rest of the state. This will help the state and the state in turn will be better equipped to help the Gulf Coast and its residents affected by Katrina the more visitors we host. So the best thing we can and will do is to keep keeping on. We want visitors to come see why Mississippi is a special place and judge for themselves why Mississippi is considered a rising star of the golf-and-gaming world."

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Corey Hildebrand :

"Having someone win two events and anchor our state-winning relay had a lot to do with how high we placed. He's a star performer and had an outstanding performance for us."

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Corey Eubanks :

"[Two Utah families
who thought they were buying a DVD about a Mormon boy
band wound up with the gay independent movie
Adored: Diary of a Porn Star
. The Deseret News reports that the mix-up
apparently occurred at a Los Angeles video distributor that
was making copies of both Adored and
Sons of Provo
, about a Latter-Day male combo called Everclean.
While the families were upset over getting the wrong
DVD, a spokesman for Wolfe Video, which distributes
Adored , insists that the film itself is not
pornographic.] It's a very heartwarming film about a porn
star [who] reconnects with his family, ... It's not a porn film at all. It's
just about someone who is a porn actor."

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Corey Eubanks :

"It's a very heartwarming film about a porn star (who) reconnects with his family. It's not a porn film at all. It's just about someone who is a porn actor."

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Corey Crawford :

"You never know who you're going to have at the audition. One year we had a young girl from Beachwood who later made it to the finals of the Star Search television show."

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Conrad Aiken :

"I love you, what star do you live on?"

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Connie Jackson :

"Star initiated this concert on her own, ... We are collecting money and any personal care items that we can send with our volunteers in a backpack."

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