Quotes of 'Decision'

Cyrus Mehri :

"Our focus for the future is OK; now we've improved the process -- minority candidates are in the room being interviewed. Our next question is, when the doors close, and the owner makes the decision, who's in that inner circle?"

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Cynthia Williams :

"It gives them an opportunity to explore all aspects of the medical field so they can make an informed decision. There are visits to hospitals, clinical settings, research labs, public health agencies and medical schools. They find out what goes on with patient care, equipment and technology."

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Cynthia Anderson :

"Are they reducing the number of 'Nutcrackers' because people are either canceling subscriptions or not buying single tickets to the 'Nutcracker?' Is this evidence of a stronger public reaction against their decision than they are willing to admit?"

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Curtis Sumpter :

"I really do want to be out there with those guys. Right now, I'm going to keep thinking it over before I make my decision."

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Curtis Sumpter :

"I am working hard to get back and help my classmates. I feel like I am getting stronger and faster each day. But I feel the best decision is to continue working hard and to try to help my team in other ways over the final weeks of this season. I'm making the decision that is best for my future."

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Curtis Deloatch :

"I don't know if I lost the job or it was taken away. It was the coaches' decision. I guess the coaches feel [Webster] is the better man for the job, or else they just want to see him play. They brought him in here and Corey is their guy."

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Crystal Robinson :

"Those girls knew right from wrong. What he did was wrong, but they made the decision to sleep with him."

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Craig Weber :

"In any given market segment there will be at least three carriers who will be roughly equivalent on price. So even though price is important, it's not the exclusive driver of the decision. Claim services and purchase convenience are other possible factors that could relate to an online presence."

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Craig Watson :

"I was delighted to receive the request from Juan Carlos late last night and it was an easy decision to give him the first of the men's wild cards."

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Craig Walker :

"I'm going to agonize over this, ... It's going to be a difficult decision. We will be a better team next year, no question. The difficult thing is cutting the kids. You've been with those kids for two years. You've been friends with the family."

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