Quotes of 'Doubt'

Cynthia Heimel :

"When in doubt, make a fool of yourself. There is a microscopically thin line between being brilliantly creative and acting like the most gigantic idiot on earth. So what the hell, leap."

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Curt Weldon :

"There is no doubt that the Soviets stored material in this country. The question is what and where."

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Curt Weeden :

"In the last five or six years, there's been a sharper focus on contributions that apply to the interest of the business -- many corporations now have a philosophy of, 'When in doubt, leave it out,'"

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Curt Miller :

"This team continues to step up and amaze me. When I have that mustard seed of doubt in them they in turn just keep amazing me by these performances against unbelievably talented teams."

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Craig Silverman :

"There's no doubt that the O.J. Simpson case was the start of legal analysts, big time. As the case unfolded, I was fairly well convinced he was guilty and that the prosecution was doing a poor job of proving it."

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Craig Ray :

"Without a doubt we have been handed as extreme a challenge of rebuilding on the Gulf Coast as imaginable, ... But Mississippi is a great state with great people, and already we're welcoming golf, gaming and other tourists to the rest of the state. This will help the state and the state in turn will be better equipped to help the Gulf Coast and its residents affected by Katrina the more visitors we host. So the best thing we can and will do is to keep keeping on. We want visitors to come see why Mississippi is a special place and judge for themselves why Mississippi is considered a rising star of the golf-and-gaming world."

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Craig Mathias :

"Mobile broadband is going to be one of those things we come to expect, so the opportunity is indeed enormous, and Cisco will no doubt become a major player."

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Craig Johnson :

"No doubt, Pier 1 has a substantial brand equity, ... My suspicion is that Buffett sees through the current problems and has confidence in whatever new vision and strategy the company is working on that isn't apparent yet to outsiders."

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Craig Harris :

"We would definitely be disappointed if we didn't win, no doubt. The tradition established by the athletes before these is something that certainly comes into play. I definitely think there is a lot of pride involved in those 16 straight regional titles."

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Craig Gibson :

"This is without a doubt the biggest win we have had since I've been at Mercer. Our pitchers were as sharp as they possibly could be and really set the tone. We took advantage of the chances we had at the plate and played outstanding defense."

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