Quotes of 'God'

Cynthia Veleno :

"It was always a dream of mine. When I was in high school I used to write poems for my friends. And they would give them to their girlfriends or their boyfriends. I struggled through school, but through all the rough times I went through, I would write ? write letters to God and tell him about all my sad days and stuff. That's how I began writing. Then I turned to poetry."

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Cynthia Turner :

"She's doing great. I give all praises to God and Dr. Rosen."

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Cynthia Pratt :

"ACW, God is calling even more, more so than ever before because you live in a time when Jesus is about to break the threshold and things you have not seen in a million years you will see happening because God is soon to return,"

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Cynthia Lee :

"I thank god for the 19 years he gave her to me, but why her life was taken from me, I just don't understand."

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Cynthia Jackson :

"Where I'm going from here, only God knows,"

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Cyndi Lauper :

"God has more important things to worry about than who I sleep with."

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Cyndee Williams :

"I am grateful for what I went through because it was temporary. But it also showed me more than I thought it would have. It helped me to be more sensitive to others and what they may be going through. I learned just what a value things we take for granted can be. And God really strengthened my faith through this whole ordeal."

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Curtis Thompson :

"I feel the bishop in my heart. I believe he's a man of God. I don't think he'd lead us the wrong way."

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Curtis Strange :

"I hit some awful shots. I still hit some awful shots. But at least they're a little better. The first week, the Golf Channel was all over me. I said, 'God, just leave me alone. Let me drown by myself.'"

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Curtis McDougall :

"Compare all this ribaldry, blasphemously called the Word of God, with the Almighty power that created the universe, and whose eternal wisdom directs and governs all its mighty movements, and we shall be at a loss to find a name sufficiently contempti"

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