Quotes of 'Game'

Cyril Wecht :

"A football helmet gives you an awful lot of protection, ... but you don't have to be a doctor or an engineer or even a football player to realize that the helmet does not block out all the measured force produced when some 300-pound player with a hand the size of a Christmas ham whacks you in the head dozens of times a game, season after season."

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Cyril Voiron :

"Driver: Parallel Lines gives players two eras of hard driving in one of the greatest cities on earth, and so the music had to be right. The artists who have produced tracks exclusively for the game barely need an introduction to anyone with a musical bone in their body, and to have secured their services is testament to the potency of the Driver brand. The right in-game music can transform a gaming experience from great to unforgettable and the tracks we have picked for Driver: Parallel Lines will literally keep players in the cars just to hear what the next tune is."

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Cyntrell Robinson :

"I think so. It varies. Like one game, one person will score high and (opponents) are like (next time) we?re going to concentrate on them. The next game, another person will pull through, so that?s difficult to defend. You don?t know who?s going to come out and play their best game that night."

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Cynthia Zea :

"With the way they set up the tournament, we don't really play to win and advance but for experience in game situations. It's more of a working tournament for us."

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Cynthia Phipps :

"Jillian's effort was huge. She's a big part of what we do. When she can step up like that, it helps everybody else's game."

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Cynthia Brown Hale :

"It's said that the 1926 game was the most exciting ever played in the Rose Bowl."

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Cynthia Barboza :

"I would definitely agree that you grow up pretty fast when you're 16, ... watching how they deal with tough situations. When we're behind, how everyone stays calm and just keeps chipping away until we're back in the game."

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Cy Young :

"A pitcher's got to be good and he's got to be lucky to get a no hit game."

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Cy Alexander :

"It was poise and not being tough enough yet as a young team to handle a lead on the road. We had people trying to do too much, taking shots too quickly. ... Basketball is a game of runs and we've got to work to shorten the opponent's runs from five minutes to two minutes."

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Cuttino Mobley :

"This is a huge gut check for this team, ... Tonight's game was an ugly win, but we still have to play them on Monday and they will be looking for payback."

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