Quotes of 'Mind '

Cynthia Wainscott :

"Many people do not realize the toll stress can have on their lives or that mental health is key to overall health in general. Caring for both the mind and the body not only helps boost a person's spirits but can help lead to a healthier, happier and more productive life."

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Cynthia Wainscott :

"With more than 19 million Americans affected by anxiety disorders each year; and in wake of the unprecedented, devastating blow of Hurricane Katrina, ensuring mental wellness is more crucial than ever. Mental Health Month provides an excellent opportunity to educate Americans on managing their positive mental health, encouraging individuals to balance both mind and body."

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Cynthia Ozick :

"I'm not afraid of facts, I welcome facts but a congeries of facts is not equivalent to an idea. This is the essential fallacy of the so-called ''scientific'' mind. People who mistake facts for ideas are incomplete thinkers; they are gossips."

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Cynthia McFadden :

"I try to block it out of my mind. I have not been thinking about it, just, you know, sitting up there on the jury stand."

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Cynthia Lorenzo :

"We all have the mutual goal in mind to provide a safe environment for the youth in our care."

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Cy Gulassa :

"(Dellums') name alone carries tremendous weight. What it's going to come down to is listening to the candidates and hearing what they have in mind for Oakland. That is what's going to spell the difference."

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Curtis Jensen :

"It's been at the front of our mind for many years."

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Curtis Higgins :

"I think our kids understand the challenge this week. We have to continue to play football with a positive frame of mind."

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Curtis Gray :

"I didn't mind talking about it. It showed there needs to be better security at convenience stores, and to the employees working the third shift an idea that it might happen to them."

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Curtis E. Lemay :

"I don't mind being called tough since I find in this racket it's the tough guys who lead the survivors."

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