Quotes of 'Work'

Cynthia Sass :

"It's very hard to focus on both. Probably, you're paying more attention to your work than your eating."

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Cynthia Rosengard :

"Males inform how often intercourse takes place and whether or not condoms are used. Males can influence how the female feels about pregnancy, whether or not she'll have an abortion, and how the baby will be raised once it's born. And yet our work is one of the first of its kind because we focus on males, while most adolescent pregnancy work has focused only on females and their attitudes on pregnancy."

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Cynthia Pryor :

"We knew going in that there would be areas that the work group could not all agree on. But the DEQ has chosen to change some key items that we did have group consensus on."

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Cynthia Morgan :

"The best for me is word of mouth, because all who know my work know how good I can be at what I do. It also makes the interview easier, because they've heard about me from someone else and know it's not just me boasting. I still dread looking. It's troublesome to be turned down for any reason, good or bad."

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Cynthia Lorenzo :

"With this information, we can effectively direct our crime prevention units as we work to keep our schools and communities safe."

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Cynthia Hinckley :

"One of the criticisms of 'work first' is that it's really good at getting people jobs, but not as successful at getting people out of poverty."

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Cynthia Francis :

"But the question is, 'Are those same strategies going to work when users are viewing user-generated content?"

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Cynthia Derosier :

"Both of us have a lot of experience in our fields, and our work styles are very complementary. I'm always going 50 miles an hour and thinking 90 steps ahead. She's much calmer about everything."

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Cynthia Derosier :

"It's just the best way to start your day. People who surf, they know the object is to have fun. You work hard, but you work hard to have fun."

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Cynthia Calvert :

"The interns are not all beginning students. I often say we specialize in moms around here. Women who have been out of the work world while raising their families are encouraged to take the Reporting 1 class and spend a semester here with us, learning about and reporting on the community."

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