Quotes of 'Amazing'

Cynthia Wilson :

"It's an amazing partnership. They've done it all year. They've been here since the beginning."

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Cynthia Derosier :

"We'd surf together, then go straight to the coffee shop and have our meetings. It's amazing how much we'd get done."

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Curtis Remington :

"If I go back to when I was 18 years old, here was this group writing songs and playing rock 'n' roll songs like nobody else. It was amazing."

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Curtis McGriff :

"It's amazing how these kids are getting their bodies in shape in January and February. It's amazing they're able to do it. When I played it was six months off and six on. That was it. And in the off-season we didn't do (anything). These guys never stop. But that's where the game is right now."

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Curt Weeden :

"Just about every company of every size is doing something. It really has engendered an amazing kind of response."

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Curt Miller :

"This team continues to step up and amaze me. When I have that mustard seed of doubt in them they in turn just keep amazing me by these performances against unbelievably talented teams."

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Curt Lavarello :

"It is amazing that while Congress pumps homeland security money into protecting airports and their own Capitol Hill offices, they are simultaneously cutting funding to protect our nation's most valuable resources - the students and teachers in our schools."

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Crystal Gutshall :

"We're a small school and for us to take first place at such a large event is amazing. They all deserve a lot of credit."

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Crosby Davidson :

"(People) just have too much stuff. It was amazing to see people's belongings sitting on the street ... It made me want to simplify the things I own and the life I lead."

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Cristi Ecks :

"It's a lot happening at once and there's a lot of pressure. It's so amazing that we made it back to state and to go out with a championship would be perfect, but everyone's been talking about graduation for a month and I'm really excited about that too. I didn't want to have to pick one over the other."

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