Quotes of 'Technology'

Czeslaw Milosz :

"The masses in highly industrialized countries like England, the United States, or France are largely de-Christianized. Technology, and the way of life it produces, undermines Christianity far more effectively than do violent measures."

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Cynthia Williams :

"It gives them an opportunity to explore all aspects of the medical field so they can make an informed decision. There are visits to hospitals, clinical settings, research labs, public health agencies and medical schools. They find out what goes on with patient care, equipment and technology."

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Cynthia Saccocia :

"Carriers have a lot more flexibility today in their choices to buy or customize technology to transform their operations."

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Cynthia Saccocia :

"The most successful programs will be offered by institutions that make products and services available to their entire customer base, while targeting specific segments based on customers' life stages, events and expressed needs. The leveraged use of delivery channels will be of utmost importance to reach and manage the huge retired populace. For many institutions, this will mean a substantial effort to upgrade technology, customer sales and marketing strategies."

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Cushing Anderson :

"In the economy we are in now, there will not be the same investment in technology, but we are demanding of employees greater productivity. In order to [achieve] that you need to give [employees] internal tools to make them work smarter. If you invest in the worker's skill set overall, you should be able to see a change in productivity."

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Curtis Lu :

"We are delighted to be able to give the spammer's loot to Mr. and Mrs. Daniels. And we hope this sends a clear message to anyone thinking of spamming AOL members - we will find you, and we will do everything we can to take away your ill-gotten gains. Through our efforts in the courts, legislatures, technology, our members' use of the 'Report Spam' button, we have cut spam in members email boxes by 85%."

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Curtis Brunson :

"Over the last couple years the thing that has made a significant difference is recognition of the importance of real-time reconnaissance and surveillance data. The forefront of that has been communications technology, which is what we do so well here in Utah."

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Curt Fuchs :

"County schools are not getting as good of technology because in the city, schools get to tap into the city fiber."

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Cummins Catherwood :

"Texas Instruments is hitting a new high and that's always encouraging. There are these points of light that are stimulating interest in technology, and it's a developing trend that's positive."

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Crissy Schluep :

"The rationale was in order to take advantage of technology and provide greater flexibility for institutions to contact prospective student athletes. On the flip side of things, for the prospects' well-being, they can choose to respond or not."

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