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"You would have thought after a while they would have caught on. But we just kept running it."

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"It's kind of funny. We're trying to get to the Final Four. What's the Sweet 16? That's not our goal. We're trying to win six games, not two."

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"It's about advancing, it's all about winning. We won the first game, now we've got to move on to the next, it's all about advancing."

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"I am tired of hearing about it, and I think all the players are tired of hearing about it. But we believe this is a different team, and we can't worry about what happened in the past."

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"It's a huge factor. But we feel like we're a lot older than we are. We've played over 60 games together in two years. We feel like we're older and we try to play older."

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"It doesn't matter who scores on this team."

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"Their experience can be a factor. We have to be confident in our game."

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"We're not thinking about losing. We know that we have to win to keep playing. We have to get back to the Sweet 16. We know there are a lot of people doubting us. It's up to us to shut them up."

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"We weren't even ranked coming into the season, so we're trying to prove a point. We want to keep proving that point - that we're for real."

"Points are going to come out of the framework of our offense. Coach (Donovan) is going to put us in the right position to score. Coach knows who is hot and who we should go to."

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