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Col. Paul Croisetiere :

"The Army's proposed heavy lift requirement to transport the Future Combat System greatly exceeds our requirement. The actual aircraft hasn't been designed yet, but initial analysis suggests the joint heavy lifter will be too large to operate from current and programmed amphibious shipping. We may have a use for it, but in more of a logistical role as a possible KC-130J replacement - we still need the CH-53K for tactical heavy lift."

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David Haines :

"The C-130J is redefining tactical airlift with overwhelming performance in a variety of mission scenarios around the world. It's proving to be one of the most reliable platforms in theater and is setting the standard and benchmark for future airlift."

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Dave Scott :

"The combination of advanced technology and reduced crew requirements make the C-130J ideally suited to fill the airlift requirements of many countries in this region. From the rapid deployment of relief supplies to devastated areas, to the evacuation of those needing medical aid, the C-130J has no equal. The tremendous range, power and payload capability of the C-130J make it nearly twice as effective as older C-130s and we have seen ample evidence of that capability in combat. But the ability of the C-130J to deliver large amounts of supplies and personnel to regions where normal airfield operations have been disrupted is one of its biggest advantages. With its short austere landing strip capability, C-130Js are often the first aircraft to start the relief process."

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Capt. Delvin Genenbacher :

"I feel like we're doing more. Like this is what Lockheed built the C-130 s for — the short hops to forward bases."

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Capt. April Conway :

"We responded to the hurricanes with between 200 and 250 medical, security and logistic support personnel as well as aircraft from the Army and Air Guard sides. This was huge for us because it came two weeks after the BRAC decided to take us off the base closure list, which would have taken the C-130s used to help following Katrina."

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Ben Matwey :

"That's the first clear victory for those of us who fly C-130s."

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Wayne Ayer :

"The contracts mark the transition of support for the C-130J from the acquisition community at ASC (Aeronautical Systems Center, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio) to Robins. We officially opened our doors on Wednesday. This is new workload for us."

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