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Cynthia Stead :

"She's got excellent educational and criminal justice credentials, and she has shown too that she has her own opinions by breaking with the governor on the (emergency contraception) bill."

Cybill Shepherd :

"At Home With Cybill."

Curt Nichols :

"That facility, when it is fully built out is going to take $1.5 billion in investments, and the lion's share of that is going to happen this year."

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Curt Nichols :

"The big news really is that, because flash is an integral part of cellular phones and those are shipping in such high volume, the next billion units is only going to take two years to get to."

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Cullen Sheehan :

"Mark Warner has a history of flip-flopping on taxes. Despite a campaign promise not to raise taxes, while governor of Virginia he supported raising billions of dollars in taxes time and time again."

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Craig Watts :

"This is the worst time to miss a bill. Pay down any large credit card or other large revolving accounts if you can, because high balances will hurt your credit rating. And avoid opening any other accounts before the loan you're pursuing is closed."

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Craig Unger :

"Oh, yeah, people were saying Cubs fans came down and stole the birds from the billboards. That just added to the fun."

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Craig Ray :

"Tourism is a $6.35 billion industry and a huge part of the local economy along this coast. Katrina not only washed away the culturally historic communities here, it also washed away a big part of our livelihood, but it could not take away our spirit. I cannot believe the substantial progress Tourism - Caring for America volunteers made. With 20 percent of our economy laid off due to Katrina-related issues, we have been working day in and day out over the past six months to get our communities back on track. This kind of concentrated effort makes us feel like we moved mountains in just a few days."

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Craig Ray :

"reach outside your boundaries. We want to keep a large percentage of the $2 billion in business from the Gulf Coast in this state."

Craig Orfield :

"You will ultimately see a bill offered."