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Craig Sarner :

"It's hard. I mean, you think about him every day, and thank heaven, in fact, Brian e-mailed me today."

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Courtney Sims :

"The little things in the first half, I think that's what lost the game for us. We had silly turnovers, fouls on 3-point shooters, not blocking out (Brian) Randle and stuff. Stuff like that, we need to toughen up."

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Colleen Moore :

"Every time I hear about another case it kills me. How could Brian not know what he was doing could hurt him?"

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Clinton Morrison :

"Brian Kerr told me that I had made a good decision by returning to Palace,"

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Clark Quintin :

"We are pleased to have Brian join our Board. We will benefit from his extensive experience."

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Claritha Nichols :

"Brian is in isolation. He's in a concrete cell and the only thing soft is a foam mattress. We have never talked to him about what happened. I know that he is extremely sorry for what he's putting us through and he asked us to remain good grandparents."

Claire Kent :

"Brian Blake appears to us to have the perfect background from his 17 years at Gucci in product areas where Burberry is still relatively weak, that is accessories and watches."

Chuck Grant :

"Brian (Thompson) was a little uncomfortable out there throwing off the flat ground, and that helped account for all the walks we gave up. It's also the first game of the season, and we'll get better out on the mound. I saw some good things today from our pitchers and we'll improve on that."

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Chuck Denowh :

"We need a platform to (present) Republican issues. With all Democratic control it will be all about (Gov.) Brian Schweitzer all the time. With Republican majorities, we can shift some of the focus back on us."

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Christy Austin :

"Brian laughed at me in court, and said the money wasn't worth anything at all."

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