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Craig Jones :

"They call me a chav. It's a bit of laugh. I think they mean Orton boy, which is an area in Peterborough which has graffiti all over the place so people think it's a bit dingy."

Coun Tilsley :

"It comes up time and time again when you talk to people. They want a graffiti and rubbish-free environment in which they can feel safe. We have got to drive this forward."

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Edward Leigh :

"Far too many small and medium-sized stations are threatening places, with poorly lit, graffiti-covered passages and platforms, vandalized facilities and no staff on hand."

David Coulson :

"It's very endangered. Populations are rising so fast, and sites that were in wild, uninhabited areas have development growing around them. So you have graffiti, the single biggest threat."

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Dave Rose :

"We are looking into installing them because of a rise in vandalism and graffiti at the schools during off hours."

Tim Rupel :

"Gang graffiti is pretty plain in content. Usually, the average citizen can read the message and understand it, because those messages are intended to be comprehended by all who read them"

Tim Rupel :

"There are graffiti gurus who do scenes and multiple colors. These folks will practice their art expertise before applying it for public view. They believe they are artists in their own culture."

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Brad Cosenza :

"They're such big canvases. In the bathrooms when people paint graffiti, we try to clean it off the next day."

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Daniel Perez :

"To my knowledge, New York City has the singular distinction of being the only metropolitan area that has an under 21 anti-graffiti law."

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Daniel Perez :

"There is no connection between the artists who performed at the event and ordinary, run-of-the-mill graffiti arrests."

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