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Cynthia McNally :

"We have been adding to the program knowing that there is a great number of administrators who would be retiring."

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Constance Collins :

"[Since arriving in Oak Park in early summer, Collins has met one-on-one with each board member, principal, top administrator. She says she asked her staff members to assess their strengths and weaknesses, to set one personal professional goal for the year. A common request among principals was for training in] quick walk-throughs. ... They want to know what to look for. We can help them with that."

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Clayton Muhammad :

"As a district, we're very impressed with the organization the students showed; we appreciate their discipline. The district administrators made an appearance to support them ? its shows them we're listening."

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Clark Newby :

"Until now, storage managers who want to monitor and analyze the aggregate performance of their file servers have resorted to writing their own custom tools and performing their own analysis. With the performance dashboard, not only is all essential performance information presented in an easy-to-use visual format, but for the first time, the administrator has the power to analyze and allocate resources from a single point of control."

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Chris Welch :

"I really do hate to see him go. He's very nice to talk to, very available to students. He's good at what he does and has been a good administrator."

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Chris Moller :

"This is an outstanding achievement by administrators, coaches and officials at every level of the game and represents a significant boost to not only junior and community-level, but to underpinning the future performance of our national and professional teams,"

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Erika Shoolbred :

"Chapman school administrators did report the incident to the district office at the end of day. (The Human Resources department) is currently investigating why school administrators from Chapman did not notify authorities immediately, which is standard procedure concerning matters like this one."

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Erik Whittington :

"As you might expect, there are some public school administrators who don't quite know what to do when dozens-even hundreds-of their students show up for class wearing pro-life messages. Some have even threatened students with detention, suspension and expulsion. However, the Constitution is on the side of free speech."

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Eric Zelenka :

"One of the problems with portable computers is that they are not always on your network. This lets the administrator install the software without having to worry about which systems have it installed and which don't."

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Eric Nelson :

"People are exploiting the situation right now. I've seen junior-type Unix administrators asking for $80,000 to $90,000 who we'd offer $65,000 to $70,000 at the most if they were pretty good."