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Cris Feldman :

"You've got Perry in the middle of this thing. It looks about as crooked as a barrel of snakes."

Craig Hodges :

"He did a tremendous job at Exxon Mobil, making the Mobil acquisition when oil was $10 a barrel as opposed to all these other executives now making all their acquisitions when oil is at $55."

Craig Callahan :

"The move up in crude oil price from $12 a barrel to nearly $31 a barrel has been really positive for oil stocks, ... The Fund that we manage has responded well to that. Every time oil prices fluctuate - retreating, and then moving back up --- that helps oil stocks."

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Clay Ingram :

"We really need it to be below $50 a barrel, but having it below $60 is a big help."

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Claude Corkadel :

"The technology is truly efficient and economical. But the biggest thing is, our economic analysis shows this technology is better anytime crude oil is at $40 a barrel or higher."

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Claiborne Deming :

"We expect to get back to 125,000 barrels per day quickly."

Chuck Schumer :

"A far more muscular use of the SPR is what is needed at a time when oil is over $70 a barrel."

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Christoph Eibl :

"Sugar prices in the past few months have pulled back because of the weaker oil price. Now that oil is at around $70 a barrel, sugar has to follow."

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Chris Weafer :

"A safe number is probably double that (72 billion barrel) figure. But it's not impossible it's three times as high."

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Chris Mennis :

"There's less crude being run now through refineries than there is loss in production in the Gulf. We're estimating refinery runs are down about 2 million barrels a day while crude out of the Gulf is down a million and a half."

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