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Cynthia Rosengard :

"Males inform how often intercourse takes place and whether or not condoms are used. Males can influence how the female feels about pregnancy, whether or not she'll have an abortion, and how the baby will be raised once it's born. And yet our work is one of the first of its kind because we focus on males, while most adolescent pregnancy work has focused only on females and their attitudes on pregnancy."

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Cynthia Prost :

"Sanborn was our very first big name. We're lucky to be around so long that we're going to have to repeat. And it makes it easy when you have an artist like David Sanborn, who is constantly reinventing himself."

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Curt Freese :

"It's so far, so good. The next big thing is waiting for late April or early May to have calves born."

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Crystal Jarvis :

"He was a wonderful person. He was my oldest, my first born. I don't know why anyone would do that to him."

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Crane Brinton :

"Revolutions are born of hope."

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Craig Reid :

"Basically, with Born Innocent we gave ourselves the target of completing it in eight months. We've done the same thing with Restless Soul. In the past we've spent too long waiting for the inspiration to come and worrying about repeating ourselves."

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Craig Claiborne :

"Man is born to eat"

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Courtney Mansell :

"I have a newborn at home and I work full time, so a 25-30 minute drive is out of the question."

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Cori Boston :

"The pain was bad. The doctors told me I was born with weak tissue there. But I am ready to play this season."

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Corey Hart :

"When I sit down at a piano, I feel what's going on in my life and what led up to it. Certain songs are born from that motivation."

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