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Colin Powell :

"And the assignment gave him a chance to work with his Churchill -- Margaret Thatcher of the United Kingdom, who became one of his closest friends."

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Chuck Olson :

"We still have some work to do, but we're getting there, ... There are quite a few good teams in our league this year, so it should be interesting. Livonia Stevenson, obviously, will be up there along with Northville, which has some pretty nice talent coming back. They have quality and depth. Canton should be good again and Livonia Churchill will be improved."

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Ed McCarthy :

"It was a great weekend for the entire team. We played three games in the heat and I think it gave us some momentum for the Churchill game (Monday night)."

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Charles Johnson :

"Hoffman is right. It's much harder to get away with dirty little secrets like Ward Churchill - who apparently gamed the CU system for years - in the era of the blogosphere, when facts (not rumors) can be instantly reported. If I had simply published rumors, the story would never have caught on like it did."

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David Horowitz :

"Not all of the professors depicted in this volume hold views as extreme as Ward Churchill's, but a disturbing number do."

Charles de Gaulle :

"When I am right, I get angry. Churchill gets angry when he is wrong. So we were often angry at each other."

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Carl Pollard :

"The position of president and chief executive officer for Churchill Downs Incorporated is one of vital importance to both our company and the horse industry."

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Cameron Marshall :

"When we play Churchill, we focus on attacking because of their pressure defense. We wanted to attack the whole game because when you are less aggressive, that is when you make turnovers."

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Bob Holthus :

"He's in his stall in Churchill Downs. We walked him here this morning before he left. ... They said he unloaded good."

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Bill Wagner :

"The first time we lost to Churchill, we shot less than 50 percent from the line. We've tried to put them in pressure situations in practice to simulate the pressure of a game and focus on concentration."

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