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Cynthia Stead :

"She's got excellent educational and criminal justice credentials, and she has shown too that she has her own opinions by breaking with the governor on the (emergency contraception) bill."

Cynthia Saccocia :

"It is just a philosophical challenge for them. It has been an educational process."

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Cynthia McNally :

"Math and science and special education, those are the areas that are very difficult to fill."

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Cynthia Heimel :

"Reading is an escape, an education, a delving into the brain of another human being on such an intimate level that every nuance of thought, every snapping of synapse, every slippery desire of the author is laid open before you like, well, a book."

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Cynthia Guariglia :

"We want to encourage people to recruit new teams, bring awareness into the community, and raise funds for cancer research, advocacy, patient services, programs and education. We try to have fun with it and really get people into the relay spirit."

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Curtis Johnson :

"There are many benefits of being (at CCSU). It gives them an opportunity to see what a college campus is like. It prepares them to think of an educational future beyond high school and what they should be doing now to get there."

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Craig Roth :

"We got our education on the job because we didn't know this business. We had started out growing trees and doing landscaping, so I thought it wouldn't be too hard to do flowers. We didn't find out how hard it was until we were doing it, but we got a lot of help from other nurseries around here."

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Craig Masback :

"At a personal level, when I moved from the 1/2 mile to the mile as a college junior, I used the experiences and stories of those milers who came before me for education and inspiration. Don, too, moved from the 1/2 mile to the mile in college, and his 3:58.7, which made him the third-fastest miler ever when he ran it, was remarkable in part because he ran it on the same day that he took a final exam in Berkeley. For an athlete like myself, who aspired to be a student and an athlete throughout my career, Don was and is a true role model."

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Craig Fuller :

"In order to provide educational information to patients someone has to pay for it. And there definitely is a business relationship between the pharmaceutical manufacturer and the pharmacy."

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Craig Crilly :

"These are great young people and we are very fortunate to have the opportunity to do this. It should be an exciting and educational trip."

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