Quotes of 'Money'

Cynthia Morgan :

"Just about everyone wants to strike out on their own sometime. But they won't do it for the money -- what they're looking for is more control over their professional lives."

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Cynthia Magnuson :

"This is a good settlement. It's a lot of money."

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Cynthia Jackson :

"This is one of the hardest decisions we have to make. We make the best decisions we can with the money we have to spend,"

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Cynthia Gray :

"Hotels give off a regular cash flow. When you buy a room in a hotel you look at the price versus the projected amount of money that is going to be raised every month."

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Cynthia Diaz :

"There were some things that needed further explaining and we agreed that he would treat that amount as a loan for now until we could both sit down and go through paperwork and remember what caused that check to be written. At such time money owed back to me would be returned. This was done on my part to show that I have no reason to steal from him and that I want to resolve any question that he has."

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Cynthia Diaz :

"The last year and a half the bookkeeping was not filed and kept as neat as it should have been. This I have no excuse other than I was working too many jobs and didn't have the time. But during this time I did not take money that did not belong to me either in a paycheck or reimbursement for expenses or supplies purchased."

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Cynthia Calvert :

"Many?people?don't realize that we actually produce six different newspapers and the HCN (Houston Community Newspaper)-wide entertainment section Greater Houston Weekly in this office. That is an average of 150 pages each week! We do all that with just a handful of folks - who don't receive much in the way of money for their efforts."

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Cyndi Holm :

"I don't know quite yet how it will be furnished. We need to reserve some money."

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Cy Jay Guiles :

"The work's here now. We'll be here until the money runs out, until we run out of work."

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Curtis Shaw :

"Something to make money in the afternoon. But I liked it, and after that first year, I knew it was all I wanted to do."

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