Quotes of 'Time'

Cyrus Vance :

"In short, the time has come for us as American and Iranian citizens to apply our mutual energy, intellect, and goodwill toward strengthening relations between our two countries, as their destinies are intertwined."

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Cyrus Mehri :

"We have some things to point to that we think are successful. We had a record number of interviews this year, over 25. . . We also had for the first time a trade for an African-American coach."

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Cyrus Mehri :

"The positives are that we have a Rooney Rule. We have a league that is not in a state of denial, but in a state of action to try to figure out solutions and working with us in a positive way. Every time there's been adversity, we've come back even stronger."

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Cyrus Mehri :

"The teams could try to individually justify their decisions, but if you look at it collectively, you can't help but reach the conclusion there's a double standard. Because for every person that was hired, there was a minority candidate as strong, if not stronger, that was overlooked. Things would normally even out over time a little bit, but the fact that it was 0 for 8 raises some concern."

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Cyril Wecht :

"This is analogous to what is colloquially known as being punch drunk, ... We believe the microscopic changes in the brain are consistent with chronic traumatic encephalopathy or a degeneration over time that set the stage for the final result. The meningitis was not bacterial or viral or the kind you see in college dorms or army barracks."

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Cyriac Roeding :

"Consumers want to see news and be a part of celebrity happenings as soon as video is available. CBS Alerts represent the next generation in wireless news and entertainment content by packaging text with a more rich visual experience in near real time."

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Cynthia White :

"College can be overwhelming, so we see a lot of them start out, then drop out after the first semester because they just can't handle it. They need time to get stable, to get economically accustomed to the stresses of trying to live on their own."

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Cynthia White :

"I'm concerned that we're taking this big jump without time to analyze these issues."

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Cynthia Sakulenzki :

"The very first time I went to one, I think I was maybe one out of five or six women."

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Cynthia Rezentes :

"It sends a strong message to the administration that we can't just ignore this and take our time."

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