Quotes of 'Enjoy'

Curtis Weeks :

"The reason I want this contract is I really do enjoy directing the Water Resources Agency. I don't want to look... I want to stay here."

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Curt Schmidt :

"You tip your hat to them. Sometimes, as a basketball coach, you can get frustrated because it's tough to get them out of that football mode. When you win a championship, you want to enjoy it, put your feet up on the recliner. These guys have to march right back into a long, grueling season. For these kids to do this two years in a row where they don't have any time off from the beginning of football until March, that's impressive."

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Curt Gantz :

"It's funny. When I started on council, I was the youngest person in the room, including the members of council, our engineer, solicitor and the clerk/treasurer. Now I'm the oldest person in the room. I guess I've been here a long time, but I still enjoy serving on council."

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Curt Buchholtz :

"The question is can you enjoy the parks without leaving them unimpaired?"

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Crystal Riley :

"It's a significant (increase) each semester. There are people who just enjoy that classroom atmosphere. ... (But) I think you'll continue to see online classrooms grow."

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Cristyne L. Nicholas :

"It's always been an issue that when the curtain goes down, it is a mad dash. There really shouldn't be a need for that mad dash. This will allow people to grab a bite after the show. We're encouraging people to stay late and enjoy."

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Cristian Guzman :

"They're going to enjoy the new Guzman this year. I've got a little surprise for them."

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Craig Stansberry :

"It's like that everywhere, I'm sure. You have to go out, enjoy yourself and do what you do."

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Craig Shelbourne :

"Terrific. Welcome to Pelican Park, Agnes. I hope you'll enjoy what you see tonight."

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Craig Marberry :

"There were no criteria at all except that a woman wear a hat or enjoy wearing hats."

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