Quotes of 'Funny'

Cybill Shepherd :

"[If you're to believe either unflattering film, Martha isn't funny, witty or much of a pleasure to be around.] Behind Bars ... that if (Stewart) came in the room right now, I might make a fast exit."

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Curtis Sanford :

"It's funny how clean that went in ... it could have went through the little slit, you know, those boards that they used to put up between periods."

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Curtis Sanford :

"It's funny how clean that one went in ... just right in the middle of the net."

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Curtis Brewer :

"He was just running down the field on punt coverage and planted his foot and it felt funny to him. We thought it was a hyperextension at first. You've got to be cautious with that."

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Curt Gantz :

"It's funny. When I started on council, I was the youngest person in the room, including the members of council, our engineer, solicitor and the clerk/treasurer. Now I'm the oldest person in the room. I guess I've been here a long time, but I still enjoy serving on council."

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Craig Plestis :

"Anthony is a very funny comedian whose engaging wit and personality have made him a favorite with audiences. We're delighted to have him host the show when it returns to NBC this summer."

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Craig Buntin :

"We've been skating with them for years. It's so funny, because as big as they've gotten in the eyes of the audience and the skating world, they're still the same guys who run around and stick their tongues out as they go by."

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Craig Bruce :

"It's funny how most activists are pacifists."

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Cortez Hankton :

"We're always making fun of him, but the funny thing is there are 24- and 25-year-old guys trying to do what he's doing, and they're coming up short."

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Corey Brewer :

"It's kind of funny. We're trying to get to the Final Four. What's the Sweet 16? That's not our goal. We're trying to win six games, not two."

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