Quotes of 'Excitement'

Curtis Remington :

"There was so much excitement for music at the time, and much of it had to do with the Beatles. The Beatles inspired probably more bands than we will ever know, and they certainly inspired me."

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Craig Shaeffer :

"My reaction was excitement. Benton Central is an excellent team, and I knew that if we were going to win this sectional, we'd have to play them eventually. I'd rather play them first than last. I wanted to have time to prepare."

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Craig Heinselman :

"The real excitement will be when the first face is up and running. That's when the Wow' stuff is going to be appearing."

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Corey Rouse :

"The new coaching staff has brought new excitement to the team. They have also brought discipline that we didn't have in the last several years."

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Corey Kistner :

"Tommy really brings a lot of excitement to the tour every week. He's a high-powered player and you really enjoy watching that. The younger fans can relate and they are excited to see him when they come to the tournaments every week."

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Connie Walker :

"We fell a few hundred short of our target of 5,000 total observations, but the engagement and excitement of large family groups, and dozens of school children participating in the activity together, more than make up for a few less data points."

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Connie Baker :

"It [the movie] lost its excitement after people found out how hard it was to be an extra."

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Colin Gibson :

"Here we have created a pure form of the game which replicates all the excitement. It's brought fans back to grounds."

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Coleman Young :

"We need to dream big dreams, propose grandiose means if we are to recapture the excitement, the vibrancy, and pride we once had."

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Clinton Morrison :

"Clearly there have been some very strong performances in the computer technology stocks. This is an area that's growing rapidly, and there's a lot of excitement in the market."

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