Quotes of 'Personality '

Cynthia Bunton :

"It's not whether you're a size 2 or a size 42. Fashion reflects your personality."

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Craig Shniderman :

"It's fun to be an ambassador. For anyone who has an outgoing personality, this is a great way to tell the story of Food & Friends or to tell the story of AIDS."

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Craig Rothwell :

"She had a bright smile, bright personality. She wasn't really loud, but once you got to know her, she was a really, really amazing person."

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Craig Plestis :

"Anthony is a very funny comedian whose engaging wit and personality have made him a favorite with audiences. We're delighted to have him host the show when it returns to NBC this summer."

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Craig Karmazin :

"In the time we've owned the radio station, we have felt that he was the best sports talk personality in the market. As we grow our station, we've continued to grow it with the best local personalities. He was at the top of our wish list."

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Constantine Karamanlis :

"We are given to the cult of personality; when things go badly we look to some messiah to save us. If by chance we think we have found one, it will not be long before we destroy him."

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Cliff Shaw :

"To devise an information processing system capable of getting along on its own - it must handle its own problems of programming, bookkeeping, communication and coordination with its users. It must appear to its users as a single, integrated personality."

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Claud Cockburn :

"Evidently there are plenty of people in journalism who have neither got what they liked nor quite grown to like what they get. They write pieces they do not much enjoy writing, for papers they totally despise, and the sad process ends by ruining their style and disintegrating their personality, two developments which in a writer cannot be separate, since his personality and style must progress or deteriorate together, like a married couple in a country where death is the only permissible divorce."

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Cindy McClelland :

"I like her as a friend because she's intelligent, worldly and knows how to laugh at herself. I appreciate that - especially in this town, where there's a lot of personality."

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Cindy Faulkner :

"She's just such an all-around athlete, and then she has the personality, desire and drive to go out and do the best that she can. Things don't rattle her. If she has a bad day, she just builds on it and tries to do better for the next day."

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