Quotes of 'Abortion'

Cynthia Rosengard :

"Males inform how often intercourse takes place and whether or not condoms are used. Males can influence how the female feels about pregnancy, whether or not she'll have an abortion, and how the baby will be raised once it's born. And yet our work is one of the first of its kind because we focus on males, while most adolescent pregnancy work has focused only on females and their attitudes on pregnancy."

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Cynthia Dailard :

"The reality is, if Ohio and lawmakers want to do something about abortion, then they need to do something about their efforts to prevent unintended pregnancy. Contraception is key to that."

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Crystal Clinkenbeard :

"We really feel that if Colorado legislators want to see the abortion rate decrease, they need to support greater access to emergency contraception."

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Colleen Parro :

"All we want is for them not to approve it. This is a Republican administration, and the pressure from the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood is very strong. It is important for the administration to remember who their friends are."

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Claire Keyes :

"The reality of abortion isn't political at all. Women don't come in here and say, 'I want to exercise my constitutional right.' It's a personal, emotional decision. Most women express relief, but some talk about sadness and loss."

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Clay Richards :

"With Casey holding double-digit leads, this is an indication that his stand against abortion is not having a major impact in either the Democratic primary or the general election."

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Clay Richards :

"A significant number of Casey supporters still do not know that Casey is opposed to abortion. There are a significant number of pro-choice voters whose entire opinion swings on that one issue, and, unlike other single-issue voters, they will use their vote on just that one issue, even if it hurts the candidate they are otherwise philosophically attuned with."

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Eve Gartner :

"South Dakota's ban is the most sweeping abortion ban passed by any state in more than a decade."

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Eve Gartner :

"Even though the supporters of this law purported to be banning one particular abortion procedure, the law as the court found would in fact chill doctors from performing virtually any second trimester abortion."

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Erik Whittington :

"Native American teens in South Dakota are showing their support for the pro-life movement by participating in this year's National Pro-life T- shirt Day. As we prepare to kick off this year's event on April 25, American Life League joins with the youth of South Dakota to speak out about the horrors of abortion."

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