Quotes of 'Accident'

Curtis Koele :

"Most people don't know this sport is a safe thing you can do. As far as I know, there's never been an accident here. I'd challenge any basketball team to not having an injury."

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Craig Quigley :

"Before the details of the collision start to fade in any human beings' mind with time, we want to see if we can capture their memories while they are still fresh, and get their understanding in their own perceptions and their own words, the details surrounding the accident, timeline leading up to it, everything."

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Craig Kennedy :

"She's been through a lot. It's that fine line when a tragic accident becomes a crime."

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Craig Harvey :

"There is absolutely no indication that this is anything but an accident."

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Corlis Sellers :

"Evergreen and Smith were charged with failing to provide workers with safe transportation; failing to properly register the driver of the van involved in the accident; transporting workers without a certificate of authorization, and failing to amend their certificate to include the van involved in the accident."

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Colin Jones :

"It's a very narrow, tall bridge and it wouldn't be safe to place those banners. And if the banners aren't secured, well, they could drift into traffic and cause an accident."

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Colin Baker :

"I would still like to go up in the space shuttle. It's appalling that the accident happened, but it was an accident and obviously if I knew there was any risk, I'd be foolish to do it. I'd love to stand outside the Earth and look at it. Extraordinary feeling that, something that we've been tied to for millions of years, and a handful of people have looked at it, to be able to do that would be stunning."

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Cole Scrogham :

"When you're in the hunt for a championship, or the Bob Akin Award like Mae is, preparation is a key component to success. Part of being a championship-caliber team is being ready for anything that could happen at the racetrack, including an accident."

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Clint Norred :

"Not everyone has a gun safe, and you don't want to have that one accident that you regret for the rest of your life."

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Clint Barmes :

"If I could do it all over again and I was going to get hurt, obviously, I'd rather do it on the field where everybody could see it and I wouldn't have to deal with everything and all the different stories that came out. It's a freak accident. It happened. I deal with it everyday. It comes up all the time, and I know it probably will for the rest of my career."

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