Quotes of 'Accuracy '

Craig Richardson :

"Mirapoint's multi-layered approach to spam, including its unique MailHurdle technology, was the ideal solution for Jayman's spam problem. By blocking spam at the edge of the network, then filtering for content, Mirapoint demonstrated high accuracy rates -- ensuring executives aren't spending hours each day searching for 'lost' email. The simplicity of an appliance with robust user controls and high accuracy rates made the switch to Mirapoint nearly invisible to end-users. All they noticed was better email."

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Conrad Lautenbacher :

"For instance, we're as accurate today on a five-day forecast as we were 15 years ago on a three-day forecast. So that improvement is almost a doubling in the accuracy of forecasting."

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Conrad Lautenbacher :

"The advances in modeling has significantly improved, and probably is the most important increment of the advantage we have today that we didn't have 15 years ago. And I anticipate an improvement in our ability to have a great deal more accuracy in the 24- to 48-hour forecasting range."

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Clyde Christensen :

"The spiral is kind of like dessert. You would much rather have timing and accuracy. The spiral is not the main course. Does it top it off nice? Yeah. But it doesn't do anything to make the meal."

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Chris Leak :

"[Quarterback Chris Leak is back at practice after missing most of the past week with a sprained right shoulder. Leak played Saturday against Mississippi State, but his timing and accuracy were off. He has completed 48.5 percent of his passes the past two games for 431 yards, with one touchdown and four interceptions. He's been sacked six times.] It's just fine, ... The main thing is being out there and playing with those guys. I never want to let those guys down."

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Eugene Shuler :

"For the accuracy, you got to be dead spot on, which is fun to watch, but what normally earns the bragging rights is the distance. There will be some over 100 feet, which is equivalent of 300 yard drive in golf, which only a few people can do. It will be the best around."

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Eric Keller :

"Automating and streamlining Sarbanes-Oxley processes and financial controls with Movaris Certainty delivers increased accuracy, cost-savings and a more comprehensive approach to financial control management."

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Eric Chen :

"Tachyon OPC+ is a natural extension of our market-winning Tachyon platform, giving customers a clear path to minimizing the OPC error budget and producing better-performing circuits sooner and faster. Until now, customers have had to deal with a delicate balance of compromises when producing advanced OPC-enabled circuits, including trading accuracy for speed. Tachyon OPC+ breaks free from these compromises."

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Edward Kearns :

"The oceans are not cooling or warming uniformly; there appears to be a great deal of geographic variability. When people usually speak of global warming, they think of the entire ocean warming up or cooling down. We don't have the accuracy yet to determine the magnitude of the average global trend, but we at least are trying to point out the signs of these trends."

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Evan Hendricks :

"I think you should give your SSN. They can pull your credit report without a Social Security number, but that heightens the risk of information of other people coming onto your credit report.... The SSN can be a tool for accuracy as in this case."

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