Quotes of 'Running'

Cyril Smith :

"The House of Commons is the longest running farce in the West End."

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Cynthia Solorio :

"Real estate is running really slow right now, and we're probably going to see that stall for a while."

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Cynthia Jones :

"Well, they keep me running all the time, but that particular year, they kept us running a little more than normal."

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Cynthia Carey :

"We've been running a captive-breeding programme with the boreal toad ( Bufo boreas ) since 1995,"

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Customs Enforcement :

"Some are finally saying, 'I've had enough,' ... They're getting dehydrated. They are running out of food. There are human remains in different houses. The smells mess with your psyche."

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Curtis Martin :

"He's definitely a must-have. I definitely think he makes our defense better. He has explosiveness and quickness almost like a running back coming off the line. He's as fast as I am."

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Curtis Hill :

"Lack of police presence is a concern for me even as a male, as I have had two uncomfortable experiences there this summer running before sunrise to avoid the heat."

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Curtis Granderson :

"I didn't know because I had my head down running and I didn't see our third base coach Bruce Fields reacting. I thought it either bounced in or was foul but I saw them arguing so I thought I better go touch home plate before they call me out for going to the dugout."

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Curtis Eccles :

"They're quick and the team to beat in this league. They did a good job running their offense and getting down the floor. They also played solid defense and did a good job anticipating our passes."

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Curtis Cooper :

"The president is even running it on his computer. This program is really CPU intensive and most of the people using their computers aren't using the CPU. They are using the Internet or [Microsoft] Word, which doesn't use too much of the CPU."

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