Quotes of 'Goal'

Cynthia McMurray :

"Towards this goal, we are currently dissecting the molecular mechanism by which the aborted function of this repair enzyme attenuates its normal repair pathway. This is crucial information for understanding how to design new drugs or other interventions that help patients."

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Cynthia Lowery :

"Our first goal is to get a good business manager. It's impossible to say how much that person would make."

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Cynthia Lorenzo :

"We all have the mutual goal in mind to provide a safe environment for the youth in our care."

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Cyd Pougiales :

"That was probably the most complicated part of the (job). We had to meet the needs of the staff and its need for safety while fulfilling our goal of providing a nurturing and supportive atmosphere for families."

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Curtis Higgins :

"I thought we did a lot of things well. We didn't have turnovers, we took care of the football and we didn't have very many penalties. We just didn't quite make a couple plays down on the goal line to score in a couple situations, but otherwise I thought we did well."

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Curtis Carlson :

"I consider a goal as a journey rather than a destination. And each year I set a new goal."

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Curt Shaw :

"Our goal is to try to stop them from getting so many open looks from the outside. That's how they beat us the game before."

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Curt Grottenthaler :

"Our team played a very good passing game in the first half. Then they came out and scored an early goal. We didn't focus on our responsibilities from then out."

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Curt Furberg :

"The goal of the project was to provide essential information to health planners, politicians, health care professionals and others with the desire to improve public health in the face of limited resources."

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Crystal Williams :

"Before he got injured, that was his goal in life - to go back and be a firefighter in Iraq. He's more concentrated now on coming home and getting better."

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